MOORE has primary focus on HSE and complies with local applicable laws and governmental rules and regulations.


MOORE intends to:

  • Secure an accident-free workplace
  • Focus on environmental protection
  • Focus on employee satisfaction
  • Optimize raw material and energy consumption to minimize impact of its operations

Those goals are achieved through:

  • Strong leadership and clearly defined responsibilities for HSE at all levels in our organization
  • Maintain and develop a competent staff to manage the HSE aspects of the business
  • Identifying, assessing and managing HSE risks to people and the environment as an integral part of the business
  • Proper planning to ensure that emergencies can be prevented and quickly and efficiently remedied
  • Thorough selection of competent contractors and suppliers with a proven HSE track record
  • Appropriate reporting and investigation of incidents to avoid recurrence
  • Monitoring HSE performance through regular reporting and random checks
  • Periodic audits and management reviews to identify and implement improvements to our HSE systems
  • Our HSE standards will not be compromised by other business priorities

Relationship with all stakeholders is of primary importance. In particular MOORE focuses on working closely and pro-actively with local administrations to verify and ensure the feasibility of its projects and to establish proper operating conditions.